There exists seperate Anthems for the Tamils of Tamil Nadu and the Tamils of Eelam. But, this song is to be sung when all Tamils come together for any art, cultural or linguistic tamil festivals.

Written by : Kavingar Kasi. Ananthan

inainthOm! ulaga thamizharAi
   nAngaL inainthOm!
ninainthOm! engaL thamiz uyir
   uyiren ninainthOm!

thamizhin kalaigaLum thamizhin paNpAdum
    thAnginOm inbam thAnginOm!
amizhthamAi engaL nenjil oorum thamiz
    anbinAl ulagai vAnginOm!

siriththa thamiz mugam nilaiththa vaiyagam
    seivOm ena Anai EnthinOm!
viriththa siragOdum thazhaiththa pugazhOdum
    viduthalai vAnil neenthinOm!

mAnamE vazhvAi nindrOm!
malaigaLai mOthi vendrOm!

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